Monday, December 6, 2010

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: What to Watch Out For!

Any appliance or device in your home or garage, that burns fuel, can produce carbon monoxide. Some causes of carbon monoxide poisoning are:
  1. Dirty chimneys in fireplaces or wood stoves
  2. Improper installation of gas stoves
  3. Portable heaters
  4. Appliances using gas or kerosene
  5. Cracked furnace exchange
  6. Cigarette smoke
  7. Vehicle exhaust
  8. Improper ventilation for gas dryers
  9. Disconnected or damaged water heater flue
Carbon monoxide is referred to as a “silent killer” and if you feel strange or suddenly feel sleepy, get fresh air, open windows and doors and turn off all appliances and fuel-burning devices. While carbon monoxide detectors aren’t foolproof, they should help you before it’s too late.

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