Pricing it Right!

When you're a real estate investor, you must seize the initiative-- and you need a broker with equal drive and ambition. You need Ed Torrez, the broker pricing real estate right in eastern Los Angeles County.

While the market will ultimately determine your home's value, you need an agent who will price your property correctly from the start. Ed will make sure that your home is valued correctly according to the market, so you can receive realistic offers sooner rather than later.

Ed is what you want-- a broker with extensive commercial real estate experience, as opposed to a garden-variety residential agent with incomplete knowledge of investment property transactions.

Through the years, he has developed a network of routes to get directly to investors-- buyers who know what they want with the credibility and capital to act. Ed's got his act together too-- he's punctual, organized and proactive so the sale gets done without surprises.

You know that selling a real estate investment is no free lunch - just review a typical Seller's Closing Statement (description of fees at close of escrow), and you will notice a Sellers closing costs can hit 7-8% of the actual purchase price. BUT WITH ED, YOU SAVE. His commission is low - notably lower than the broker norm.

E-mail Ed for more information about his brokerage services, and see the current listings he has on the market. Meet the listing agent for experienced rental property owners TODAY.