Meet Ed Torrez!

The Torrez Family
Ed serves the serious investor. He's one himself: he has built wealth through income property, and he understands the goals, pressures and rewards that come with ownership.
He's done exactly what you do: he's found, fixed up and profited from rental property investments. He grew up in a family that worked hard and created its own business and real estate success.

Whether you want to buy and hold or flip or exchange, Ed works hard and fast to get top dollar or the best possible price for your property.

Let's face it, fees and commissions eat away at profit. That's why Ed minimizes his commission, providing high quality brokerage services at a discount. Value-conscious investors appreciate this; impressed with his performance, they refer him to their peers.

With a background in public service preceding his real estate career, Ed knows something about responsibility and accountability. He gives his clients a smooth transaction distinguished by one-on-one service, and he makes every effort to meet their timeline and provide timely follow-up.

Make the right move in real estate. Ask Ed Torrez to be your broker, market and list your property, and get you the price you deserve.