Friday, August 21, 2009

Can Buying Cheap Foreclosures Make You Rich?

Speculators are buying up an uncounted, but certainly significant percentage of homes for sale in cities where the meltdown has hit hardest. reports a 30- to 50-percent year-over-year increase in searches for homes in foreclosure-heavy states, including California, Michigan, and Florida. In these states, helping long-distance investors find and close on properties and close has become a burgeoning real estate specialty.

The investors run the gamut from international speculators seeking a house or two to venture capital firms that buy bundles of homes for 25 cents on the dollar — most in need of renovation and some with substantial tax liens.

Will these investments lead to riches? Possibly, if housing prices go back up and if investors are able to fix up and rent the properties out while they wait to sell, experts say.

Source: Smart Money, Anne Kadet (06/01/2009)

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